Data Report: Connie's Notebook in 2012

I was surprised to receive a report on Connie’s Notebook’s blogging activities for the year 2012 from Jetpack (a WordPress plugin). I honestly didn’t expect it. I had fun reading the data report because I thought the graphics were awesome. Hehe. Well, of course, the site statistics made me feel giddy too!

Let me share with you some data from the report:

Crunchy Numbers

It seems that my most visited blog posts had been about food! I’m glad that people found some of my recipes useful. These posts continue to rank well in search engines and based on site stats, visitors stay for at least 2 minutes to read the notebook entry (or copy-paste it).

Awesome Referrals

Thanks to social bookmarking/networking and a bit of SEO tagging, I got referrals from some of the most popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon. Plugins such as LinkWithin and Contextual Related Posts have been helpful as well in promoting reader retention and reducing bounce-out rates.

Where in the World

This one’s lovely to look at. People from 84 countries have visited Connie’s Notebook last year! This is probably because Pinoys from all over the world long for a taste of home, search for Filipino dish recipes, and find themselves reading some of my food-related posts. While I do not declare CNB as a food blog, I am honored to have had visitors coming back and reading entries on Food & Cooking. Others who came to visit searched for scrapbooking, asthma medicines, crafts, clothes, makeup, and kid stuff.

I’m also grateful for family, friends and colleagues who take the time to visit, read and comment. I know that online users now prefer to soak their brains in Facebook and Twitter juices. I feel lucky to have gained a portion of your online time. Truly.

I’ve made this annual report visible to the public. Come and have a look if you’ve got time to spare.


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